– Your Roku Device Activation Guide

The URL, opens up the chance to enjoy the streaming of 4000+ channels and 500,000+ web series and movies. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds today and this impacts every sector. Additionally, the Internet completely influences how things are being done. One of the sectors to adapt itself wholly to the changing technology is the Entertainment sector. Today, the entertainment never looks as it was before. There are a complete transition and turnaround in the entertainment content and the mode of the broadcast.

roku setup

Streaming players

  • Streaming is the buzzword in entertainment today. Everybody is hooked towards online streaming of content.
  • The Streaming player is the device facilitating content streaming. It is available in many sizes and with several features.
  • Though there are many brands of streaming players, Roku stands out amongst the others.
  • Till date, there are five generations of streaming devices introduced by Roku, the latest being Ultra.

Roku and its models

  • Roku in business since 2008 is a premier streaming device service provider.
  • It has a loyal clientele and is continuously expanding its base.
  • The Roku streaming player obtains data from a wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) network connection from an internet router.
  • The output of the data is normally through an HDMI port or audio/video cable.

roku models

Currently, the below five Roku streaming players are available

  • Express
  • Express Plus
  • Streaming Stick
  • Stick Plus
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere

Why Roku

The following are the reasons why you should choose Roku

  • Roku streaming players are reliable
  • They are cost-effective
  • Furthermore, there are five models with different features and add-ons
  • Additionally, best offers and deals are available from time to time

Channel categories

Roku channels are available in various genres like comedy, sports, adventure, news, etc. Roku offers two categories of channels to its subscribers.

1. Paid channels

There are several paid channels which you can enjoy watching on Roku for a paid subscription. Some of the popular paid channels are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, ESPN, and Direct TV

2. Free channels

You can watch a free channel for free. Free channels also offer interesting contents to the subscribers. Some of Roku’s popular free channels are YouTube, Sky News, Tubi TV, PBS, and Aljazeera.

3. Hidden channels

Additionally, the Roku subscribers can also add hidden channels that are not available in the channel listing but can be added through the manage account options. These are also called private channels. Some of the popular hidden channels are Nowhere TV, Roku Movies, and Twitch TV

Prerequisites to enjoy Roku services

There are certain prerequisites to watch streaming on the Roku players

  • Procure a Roku streaming device through any of the E-com websites (you can procure any of the five streaming players currently available)
  • Furthermore, having a network connection is mandatory. The connection may be a wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection
  • Likewise, you should also possess a smart television on which the content streams

Creation of a Roku account

  • When connecting to your Roku for the first time, select your language and then connect your network
  • Subsequently,Automatic selection of the best screen resolution takes place
  • The next screen shows three sections, the Roku activation URL –, an alphanumeric code, and a setup instruction
  • Take note of the 4 digit alphanumeric code displayed on the screen
  • This code will be used in the later stage of the activation process
  • Now open the URL in a browser
  • Input your particulars like the first name, last name, email, password, date of birth and gender
  • Furthermore, agree to the terms and conditions
  • In the next section, generate a four-digit PIN  to use while subscribing for a paid channel
  • Enter the PIN in the space provided and hit continue
  • Then, sign in to your Roku account using your unique credentials

Payment methods

  • Now you have to update the payment method for watching the paid channels
  • You have two choices, “Pay with credit card” and “Pay with PayPal”
  • Consequently, follow the instructions depending on your payment gateway selection
  • Moreover, if you opt for a credit card, Key in your credit card details like Card Number, Expiry date, and CVC and then tap, set payment method and hit complete
  • Likewise, when you select PayPal as the payment gateway, key in your PayPal email, your address, and phone number and then click submit
  • Subsequently, at the PayPal homepage, login and confirm your acceptance to use PayPal as a payment gateway
  • Eventually, provide a name for your streaming device to conclude the process

Code activation

  • Then, open the URL to activate your Roku
  • You can open the URL on a TV, PC, tablet or a smartphone
  • Subsequently, key the Roku link code in the space available on
  • Eventually, the Roku activation is successfully done

Useful add-ons on Roku

Add-ons are unique features available to subscribers. Roku has a set of useful add-ons that pep up your streaming experience.

  • Private listening

    Roku’s private listening feature is a feather in its cap. A user can see or listen to his/her favorite content without disturbing others through the private listening feature.

  • Voice search

    This interesting feature allows you to search using voice. Just utilize your voice for streaming your favorite content.

  • Parental controls

    Worried about exposing your children to certain contents? The parental control feature helps you to heave a sigh of relief

  • Mobile remote

    No need to search for your remote, just download the mobile app and turn your mobile itself into a remote and control streaming activity

  • Hotel and Dorm connect

    This feature allows you to take your Roku wherever you want and enjoy uninterrupted streaming. But remember to carry along your remote and power adaptor.


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