Roku is a media player very affordable and effective in streaming lots of amazing content. There are blockbuster movies and shows available in this single streaming service. It is available in the form of a set-top box or sticks. It is also portable and perfectly suits your home surroundings. There are many options for streaming. But the Kodi users ask a question is Kodi on Roku possible?

Yes, it is! If you are a user of Kodi then you will be aware of the fact that Kodi will support many types of OS and streaming services. Impressively for the Roku users, the Kodi can be used here as well. All you have to do is to perform some changes to get it.

However, Some of the users like to jailbreak Roku for out of the box use. If you are one of the users and are searching for ways to jailbreak read the information below.

What Actually is Jailbreaking?

To jailbreak is a term used for bypassing the limitations and restrictions set by the device manufacturer. If you modify the device permission you will be able to use it and customize its features as per your preference.

Is Roku Jailbreak Possible?

The Roku users will never be able to jailbreak it. It is not like the Android and iOS devices. The Roku works because of its standalone OS so the users cannot modify it. Many of the users claim Roku jailbreak is possible but it simply cannot be done.

A lot of users think that they can get more content from Roku if they jailbreak it but it is not possible. It is not necessary to jailbreak Roku to get additional service. on the other hand, You can get it without jailbreaking Roku.

Kodi on Roku

Kodi is not the same as other smart devices. Though Roku does not allow jailbreak you can try seeing some of the hidden contents with the help of Kodi. It is easily customizable and contains lots of third-party add-ons to get movies, shows and many more.

You have to perform screen mirroring. To do this you require Android phone or windows computer to cast contents of Kodi on Roku.

Kodi on Roku

Kodi on Roku

Install Kodi on Roku

Roku supports screen mirroring function. The mirror cast screen mirroring protocol with the assistance of an android phone and windows computer can be used. Select the method which is right for you and then continue with the process to cast Kodi on Roku.

Step One – Android Streaming Method

To mirror Roku you must enable screen mirroring on the Roku, tap home button. Then, press settings and choose system options. Select option screen mirroring. Press allow/prompt/always allow options to activate it. Lastly, Ensure if the Android and Roku are connected to the same wifi connection.

  • Firstly, to get the screen mirroring on your Android in the Google play store type in Kodi
  • Secondly, on the app information part of Kodi, press the install button to get it on the android device
  • Press the button ‘Accept‘ and this offers access to the Kodi app to use device and media. The process of the download will start
  • When the download process is over press open
  • For screen mirroring in the android setting go to device and choose a display option
  • Scroll down to tap cast to get the compatible Roku devices for casting
  • Now open Kodi on android to begin streaming content
  • Lastly, when you launch the player the Kodi app on the android screen will mirror on Roku

Step Two – Windows Streaming Method

  • Firstly, go to a web browser and visit the Kodi site
  • Click the download button to download Kodi on your computer
  • Select platforms like windows
  • Now select the Kodi installer such as Windows store 32 bit/installer 32 bit
  • The process of the download will begin after that. When it gets over to go to the file location and click on it
  • Press the next button when the prompt comes
  • Select file directory to get Kodi on the windows
  • Press ‘Finish‘ button to run Kodi
  • To set the screen mirroring go to control center
  • Select project from the list
  • Select add a wireless display/pc screen only. Then choose the display connected to the Roku device
  • Lastly, tap option start mirroring your screen to stream Kodi on Roku

You can follow this method even though you cannot Jailbreak Roku.

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