If you are a Roku user and would like to know the jailbreaking methods, it’s time to learn the jailbreak roku technique. Among the available software’s to use with Roku, Kodi on Roku is often preferred and recommended. Roku does not support jailbreaking and you can use the available methods that bypass jailbreaking

With the help of external software’s, you can play the videos or contents that you love

Its time to stream and watch the most entertaining videos on Roku and let us start installing Kodi software

If you are new to Roku and would like to use it, refer the reviews to purchase the compatible model. The features and specifications of each model differ and it’s your interest to select the one that you like

How To Jailbreak Roku?

Jailbreak Roku

Jailbreak Roku

Install Kodi

This application can be used for streaming videos and you can install the software on mobile devices. Screen mirroring as the name denote, it’s the process of mirroring the screen of your device to a big screen. This feature will appear as Mirrorcast in selected devices

It’s the media player software that plays the role to welcome you to the world of entertainment

Below are the steps that help you to install Kodi. As the software is free and does not require any charges, Roku users opt for it

Kodi installation steps to help you

Let us install Kodi as jailbreaking is not supported on Roku.

You can either use a compatible mobile device or a computer to enable mirroring feature

It’s good to read and understand the steps clearly before you execute

  • As the first step, power on your Roku gadget and if your device is brand new,  initial and guided setup is must to be done
  • Check if the network connection is active
  • Now, install your Kodi software on your mobile device
  • Check the compatibility before you begin
  • The very next step is to go to the appropriate settings to enable screen mirroring on your mobile device as  your Roku gadget
  • It’s the settings> system >screen mirroring you can choose
  • A list of device name will appear on the screen
  • You can now choose or select Roku from the list
  • Note that the steps differ and depend upon the model that  you choose
  • You can now view the Kodi screen on Roku TV
  • If Kodi software doesn’t work, close the app and open the app again
  • Start playing your favorite videos on Roku
  • Organize the contents and the streaming  process will be easy

Screen Mirroring- Cast your device to a big screen

You can also use the Screen mirroring feature to stay apart from the Jailbreaking restrictions. The latest gadgets that arrive will have the casting feature enabled. Start streaming mirroring the channel app.The most streamed apps such as Netflix and YouTube support Screen mirroring

Want to know how to use this feature?

Enable the feature on your mobile device and the Roku gadget

  • Before you begin  enabling the feature, make sure that the network connection is active
  • Switch on your Roku device and navigate to th Settings > Screen Mirroring. Wait for a while until the feature is active
  • From your Mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet,  Go to the display settings to  cast the screen
  • Select the Roku device to which you  would like to cast the screen

Play on Roku

Play on Roku, another option to cast the mobile device screen to Roku and you can also try this software. Install the app and it’s compatible to use with Android and iphones

It’s good that you can display your Photos and Videos and even send it to other devices such as Smartphones

To use this feature

  • Install the Roku Mobile app on your device
  • Begin your search to find the Play On Roku app
  • Open the app and click on the Photos icon located on the navigation bar
  • Start sharing your videos and photos  from your mobile device

Roku Media player app

This app helps to play the contents stored on your PC or other external media servers. You can play Music, Videos and much more. Compatible to use with the media servers such as Plux, Playon, Plexio and much more

  • Open the Roku Media player app installed
  • It’s the media type selection screen where you can choose the videos
  • Choose the device name where you have the contents
  • Use the play button to play your favorites

Tips and tricks are many to Jailbreak Roku and if you are interested to know more, reach out to our customer support techies at the earliest. Ring the support number – +1-805-243-0310 to know how to jailbreak Roku

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