Privacy Policy

The privacy policies found here describes about the privacy policies we follow and expect our customers to follow. The policies will notify our customers how we handle the personal data we collect from them and for what we collect. Therefore the visitors of this site should read the policies mentioned below.

Data collection

We make use of two methods in order to collect the data. We collect through the electronic mail and online chats. This is done for providing better service for the device users.

The necessary details like name, email id, card and account details. To assist the device users the information is collected by our team. Using the information we collect we generate a profile for the customers if they require. Sometimes we also collect the reports of error from the users.

For assisting them in fixing the errors in their streaming players we also ask them about their location and the Internet service providers details.

Use of cookies

The use of cookies will be very useful for us and help us to serve you better. It will make the search for the customers really easy. If you visit our site the cookies will assist us to serve you all the time you enter our site.

Refund and cancellation

During the cancellation of the services the decision depends on the individual user. The subscriptions will end instantly when the user cancels it. The team will work hard to do away with the issue. Then they will come up with a solution to offer help to you through the call. However, it depends on us for what services we refund the payment back to the customer. Not all matters are suitable for the refund if the customer asks for it.

User responsibility

The users are also in charge to secure and safeguard the information or data and should not reveal it to other parties available in the site. The users can reveal the information under some of the circumstances when it is mandatory. You can keep up the privacy to avoid any unnecessary issues. Study and understand the policies before taking any step.