Roku activation code is important during the process of making an account. You can activate your Roku streaming player or the Roku TV. It has to be linked with the  Roku account for it to work. Your Roku account will store which of the streaming devices you own and what channels you have installed. It will also save the preferences and settings. It is also essential to have a valid email address for this process.

 Evidently, you also have to choose a safe password for making it secure against unauthorized access.

Roku Activation Code

Roku Activation Code

 There are two things you need not worry about. There is no charge in creating a Roku account and also no charge for activation of the Roku device.

Roku Activation Code Guide

  • You can go along with the instructions provided by a quick start guide in Roku. You have to visit the setup and troubleshooting part of the Roku support site
  • Finish the onscreen instructions to link the Roku device to the internet. If you are connected with the Roku device you have to download new software
  • Your Roku device will show a Roku link code and this code is unique and different.
  • You have to make note of the link code and visit the site You can go to the browser and drop in on the site
  • On the site, key in the link code press submit
  • You have to go along with all the instructions on the site to generate a Roku account. You can also login to the Roku account which you already have
  • While you are creating a Roku account you will be requested to put on a payment method. This payment method will be helpful to you if you would like to purchase subscriptions to famous channels. You will also be able to buy or rent the movies and TV shows on Roku
  • The major credit cards and PayPal are the methods of payment
  • If you want to prevent unauthorized purchases you can learn how to fix with the aid of Roku account
  • If you have finished the activation process of the Roku device it will be ready to use now

How to Enter the Activation Code for Roku?

The new users have to share your contact information and card details for the purpose of registration of account.

For every registration that is successful, the Roku will send you an activation code for Roku. This is a process that happens only once while setting up the account.  Enter the activation code on the page code for activating the devices.

Get Your Favorite Channels

For Roku activation code is essential for Roku activation. You will have to activate each of the channels through the Roku activation code after purchasing it.

To add the favorite channels you can follow the below steps

  • Go to the Roku site in the browser and then visit the Roku account
  • Then you have to add the activation code for the channels you prefer and wish to add
  • Each of the channel codes for activation will be shown on the screen. Every purchase and the addition of free channels will also be shown

Roku Activation Code Not Working

 Sometimes the process of activation can be tricky. For smooth operation of Roku the Roku activation code becomes a important part of the process. But if you find that the Roku activation code is not working then try and follow the methods given below

  • Turn Roku off and TV for some time and turn it on again
  • While restarting the device you have to submit Roku link code and then link the device
  • When linked,  sign in to the ‘My Roku Link‘ page
  • To check if the device is in the proper connection you have to go to the ‘Linked Devices‘ option
  • Check the Roku device to open the ‘Linked Devices’ option
  • Examine the Roku streaming player also
  • If you are not able to find the serial number of the device you have to just wait for some time
  • It will only take less time for the Roku link code to update and show the serial number on the screen

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