Terms and Conditions

Before deciding to use the services in this website it is of at most importance for the users to read the terms and conditions. You can continue with using the services if you accept the terms conditions and policies mentioned here but if not you may not be able to avail of the services. Every user who visit our site has the responsibility to follow the rules we strive to follow.

Vision and mission

We work hard to deliver finest assistance to the users. We help the users for setting up streaming devices as well as assist in troubleshooting errors. The customer satisfaction is our main goal and we offer services that satisfy our customers.

Privacy policy

Read the statement of privacy policy which is an essential matter. We have mentioned about the security and privacy of the information that is offered by the users. We actually take the responsibility to secure the data or the information that we gather from the users.


The information provided on the site and the services we offer is to help the users who require support to setup the streaming devices. The users who visit our site can make use of the information displayed on it for their personal use. The users are not permitted to duplicate and modify any details on the site. If the users violate this rule then legal action will be taken against them.

Judicial laws and regulations

We follow and abide by all the legal policies if there is any data exploitation or threat to the user data. We do not make the data or information we collect public. If the judicial authority obliges we will share the information with proper research. We are not to be questioned for the mishandling of information that might take place sometimes.

The change of the terms and conditions may happen frequently. Any changes on the terms and conditions or privacy policies can be done at any time without notice to the users. Therefore we recommend the users to skim through the points mentioned here before using the services.